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 Unique elasticated training ball,  Warby's & Just 4Keepers goalkeeper gloves, goalkeeper training. For Goalkeeper training, Kick-balls and goalkeeper gloves. www.kick-balls.com  


For Goalkeeper training, Kick-balls and goalkeeper gloves. www.kick-balls.com


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A Kick-Ball is a soft leather all weather elasticated training ball, available in sizes 4  and  7 different colours.. A Kick-Ball is more than a toy. It is an aid to football training.The more a child kicks the football using the correct technique the better their skills will improve.

View the pages available where you can see how a Kick-Ball can benefit both outfield players as well as goalkeepers. You may also like to take a look at the goalkeeper coaching and goalkeeper gloves we have available.

 There are also 2 videos available to view showing both Goalkeepers & outfield players practising with a kickball these are on the VIDEOS page.

How do Kick-Balls benefit young players?

Young players learn the right technique to use by repetitive drills. Football practice often involves drills unopposed with players passing and receiving the ball. Using the right “Technique” the side foot pass and taking a touch as you receive the ball. The more times a player kicks and controls the ball, the more it enhances his “muscle memory”. Passing the ball with the side of his foot is accurate and controlling the ball with a good first touch then become automatic. Getting a player to use both feet will improve their kicking skills and make them two footed. With the Kick-Ball they can practice their skills without the need of having a second person available to “pass” them the ball. Dribbling with a kickball keeps the ball close to your feet enabling the player to improve his dribbling skills using both feet & little touches on the ball.

With a Kick-Ball you can re-create the “wall pass” without the wall.
Outfield players can practice all the techniques involved with improving their skills from passing and receiving the ball, dribbling with the ball, to shooting and keeping the ball on the floor can all be practiced with a Kick-Ball in your own back garden.
With Goalkeepers they can feed the ball themselves and retrieve it using the correct technique with repetitive training. With a Kick-Ball they will also improve their hand-to-eye co-ordination and therefore improve their catching skills. A Goalkeeper can practice alone honing his skills without having someone kick the ball at them, sometimes too hard, so that they are unable to practice the “Technique”. The Kick-Ball enables the Goalkeeper to feed the ball to himself at the right pace to enable him to make the save or to retrieve the ball in the correct manner.
The Goalkeeper can practice all his distribution skills with a Kickball from rolling throwing javelin & can also practice his different kicking skills from the sidefoot pass to the reina sidewinder volley.
My FREE guide on how to use the kick ball gives you basic ideas on how the Kick-Ball and can be used to improve the young players’ technique and skills. Give a young player a Kick-Ball and let him learn himself.

Please view the video page to see how the Kick-ball can aid training.

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