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 Unique elasticated training ball,  Warby's & Just 4Keepers goalkeeper gloves, goalkeeper training. For Goalkeeper training, Kick-balls and goalkeeper gloves. www.kick-balls.com  


For Goalkeeper training, Kick-balls and goalkeeper gloves. www.kick-balls.com



Quotes My 2 sons have been training with Chris for 2 seasons now. Both the boys have ADHD and Autism. Chris is very patient with them. He understands them. They find it hard in new situations and places but Chris has very supportive with them. I have seem both boys confidence grow. They really enjoy goalkeeper training with Chris. Their skills & confidence as goalkeepers has also improved. Quotes
Happy Mum

Quotes Matthew has been going to goalkeeping coaching for 3 years now. He has continued to improve his ability over that period. In particular he enjoys the fortnightly sessions covering the various goalkeeping techniques ranging from diving saves to distribution. Quotes
David Eteen
Happy Dad

Quotes My Grandson Tom has improved greatly with his skills and confidence, he is not as shy as he was and this is mainly due to listening and doing what Chris instructs. Once a fortnight is not enough coaching, but when the coach is as good as Chris you take what you can. We'll done 100% recommendation. Thanks John Miles Happy Grandad Quotes
Tom Sharp
Happy Grandad

Quotes Chris is the best goalkeeping coach Ive had in my 10 years of playing football and he has some great training routines for improving goalkeeping technique. Kick-balls are a fantastic way for juniors to get extra practice in when your mates aren't about for a kickabout and a great way to help improve. Quotes
James Nisbet
Woburn Lions U16 Goalkeeper

Quotes My son Jay has been training with Chris for 2 seasons now. Jay's performance as a goal keeper for Risborough Rangers has improved so much, Chris has given Jay the confidence he never had before. Being a goal keeper can sometimes be the hardest job on a football field, Chris has taught him how to kick, throw, catch and save the ball correctly. Jay enjoys his training with Chris every fortnight no matter what it's like out there Chris is there training the boys well. Thank you Chris you have given a shy boy the confidence to be a great goalie. Quotes
Lisa Pusey
Very Happy Mum

Quotes My son Korben has been playing in goal for a few years now, although he "thought" he knew what he was doing, he didn't, until he started training with Chris! Not only has he learnt the correct way to throw, catch, save, dive etc his knowledge AND confidence has come on so much, within just 6mths! I can't praise Chris enough for all the hard work he's done (in all weather!) Not only has Korben and myself noticed a big difference his U12 Cyclones coaches have too! Big thanks from Korben and Eleanor Griffin. Quotes
Eleanor griffin
Happy mum

Quotes Chris's goalkeeper coaching, and practice at home with a kick-ball. have helped my son Tom gain a place training with Luton Town F.C. U14's Thanks Dave & Tom Lewin Quotes
Dave Lewin
Happy parent