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 Unique elasticated training ball,  Warby's & Just 4Keepers goalkeeper gloves, goalkeeper training. For Goalkeeper training, Kick-balls and goalkeeper gloves. www.kick-balls.com  


For Goalkeeper training, Kick-balls and goalkeeper gloves. www.kick-balls.com


Elasticated training ball, kick-balls , goalkeeper training, goalkeeper gloves www.kick-balls.com

A Kick-Ball is a soft leather all weather elasticated training ball available in size 4  and in 7 different colours.

A Kick-Ball is more than a toy. It is an aid to goalkeeper and football training. The more a child uses the kick-ball elasticated training ball using the correct techniques, the more their skills will improve.

Please take the time to look through my web shop for prices on the elasticated training ball and goalkeeper gloves. I maybe able to offer a deal on glove and kick-ball combinations.

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